About the band

To put it simply, THE UK LEGENDS perform the hit songs of the bands and musicians that they have worked with over their musical careers, which includes The Animals, Smokie, Joe Cocker, Dire Straits, Status Quo, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, and many more.

The concept of THE UK LEGENDS show is that rather than only performing the songs of one band, the wide repertoire of hit songs from the legendary UK bands of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s guarantees that this is a very entertaining show and satisfies a very wide selection of musical tastes, age ranges and gender.

With each of the band members holding the credibility of having worked with so many famous bands and musicians, The UK Legends can rightfully perform a wide variety of hit songs in their show.

Each of the three separate front men in the band portray their separate vocal skills; Bernie with his unmistakably ‘Smokie’ voice, Martin with his classic R&B power, and Steve providing the smooth voice of rock, all coupled with close four part harmonies and great musicianship, adds unprecedented authenticity to the songs.

The UK Legends are a professional band that regularly headline at concerts with audiences of up to 50,000 people per show and have performed live on TV shows that have been simultaneously broadcast to over 100 countries worldwide.

THE UK LEGENDS can comfortably adapt to perform at festivals big and small, indoor venues, music clubs, private parties and corporate events.



Back in the summer of 2006 Martin Bland was performing in a band called Lieutenant Pigeon which was very popular in the UK. As each of the members of the band at that time had a long history of working in other bands, some of which were internationally famous, Martin had the great idea of putting a band together that would play all of the hits of the bands, and the musicians, that they had all performed with. This would include songs from The Animals, Smokie, John Miles, Joe Cocker, Thin Lizzy, and Dire Straights just to name a few!

Martin named the band UK LEGENDS, and whilst this new band was in it's rehearsal stages he set about contacting all of the agents and promoters that he recalled from his old 'Animals' days. Soon the bookings started rolling in and the band was born.
One of the first shows they did was in front of 17,000 people at the Spodek Arena in Poland, as well as performing various other venues in the UK.

Although the band has had a couple of line up changes since then, the band has gained immense popularity throughout Europe, only due to the professionalism of their performances and the popularity of the songs they perform.
With Martin at the helm, the UK LEGENDS have truly now made their mark in many countries, and they are definitely here to stay.